Stephanie's Info

I am a post BA student working on prereq's for a graduate program in Communicative Sciences & Disorders. My coursework will be completed in the Spring of 2012.

phone: 517.242.1300


IMG 0439

Steph Francisco

Grants Allocated and Hours


Hours/week: (4) volunteer, (4) NIH2 grant

Current Assignments

High Priority

Low Priority

  1. VC textgrids for ID2 NH 4721 3m/6m/9m/12m MB/MIB (NIH-CMC)

Recently Completed Assignments

  1. ID2 NH 4137 3m MIB/MET Blank text grids
  2. ID2 NH 3786 3m MIB/MISP Blank text grids
  3. ID2 NH 4604 6m MB/MIB/MICP/MET/MISP Blank text grids
  4. ID1 NH 1175 2nd MET/MIT and 3rd MET/MIT Blank Rap text grids
  5. ID1 CI 15 3m and 6m MET/MIT Blank Rap Textgrids
  6. Reference assignment: go through the ‘TO BE SORTED” folder and rename articles and move them to the proper folder.
  7. ID1 CI 23 3m MET/MIT and 6m MET/MIT Blank text grids
  8. ID1 CI 28 3m MET/MIT and 6m MET/MIT Blank text grids
  9. Please sort the references in folder "!List2" located here: Z:\RESOURCES\REFERENCES\TO BE SORTED\!List2
  10. Consensus Boundary Textgrids for ID2 NH 4555 6m MB & MIB and 9m MB & MIB
  11. Consensus Boundary Textgrids for ID2 NH 4555 3m MB & MIB
  12. Consensus Boundary Textgrids for ID2 NH 4478 9m MB&MIB
  13. Consensus pitch accent and prominence textgrids for ID2 NH 4017 3m, 6m, 9m: MB&MIB Deadline: May 23
  14. Consensus prominence and pitch accent textgrids for ID2 NH 4686 9m MB&MIB Deadline: June 3
  15. Blank RaP textgrids for ID1 CI40 3m MET/MIT and 6m MET/MIT
  16. References assignment Deadline: June 14
  17. Blank Rap Textgrids for ID2 CI3275 3m MB/MIB Deadline: June 20
  18. Blank RaP Textgrids for ID2 CI 4574 pre MB/MIB/MICP
  19. Blank RaP Textgrids for ID2 CI 4619 pre MB/MIB/MICP
  20. Blank RaP Textgrids for ID2 CI 4632 pre(MB/MET/MIB/MICP/MISP), 3m(MB/MIB), 6m(MB/MIB): Due 7/29/111
  21. Blank RaP Textgrids for ID2 NH 4810 3m & 6m MB/MIB Due: Aug. 5
  22. Blank RaP Textgrids for ID2 NH 4780 9m MB/MIB Due: Aug. 10
  23. Enter perceptual isochrony information into spreadsheets for following ID2 NH files: 4257 6m MB and 4420 9m MB
  24. Perceptual isochrany data entry: 3844 3m MB & MIB, 3933 3m MB & MIB, 3973 3m MB & MIB, 4005 3m MB & MIB Due: Aug. 15
  25. Enter PI data into G1 spreadsheet for ID2 NH files 4062, 4571, 4605, 4668 (3m MB & MIB): Deadline: Sept. 6
  26. PI data entry for ID2 NH 4797 3m, 6m, 9m MB & MIB: Deadline: Sept. 15
  27. PI data entry for ID2 NH 4810 3m MB& MIB: Deadline: Sept. 19
  28. Consensus textgrids for ID2 NH 3973 3m MB&MIB and 4005 3m MB&MIB Due: Sept 26
  29. Blank VC textgrid: HA 4834 6m MB/MIB: Due: 11-7-11
  30. Utterance textgrids for the following files (EBC-NIH) Due: 11-4-11
  • ID2 NH 4624 6m MB&MIB
  • ID2 NH 4558 3m MB&MIB
  • ID2 NH 4407 3m MB&MIB

31. Utterance textgrid for ID2 NH 4617 pre MB&MIB, 4489 6m MB&MIB, 4570 6m MB&MIB (EBC-NIH) Due: 11-15-11

32.VC Textgrid 4750 HA 15m MIB (LW-HP)

33. VC Textgrid CI 4842 6m MB/MIB (NIH-LW)

34. VC textgrids for ID2 NH 4645 3m MB/MIB and NH 4646 pre MB/MIB (NIH-CMC)

35. Utterance textgrids for (NIH-EBC): Due 1/27/2012

36. VC textgrids for ID2 HA 4882 3m/6m MB/MIB (NIH-CMC)

37. NIH2 textgrids (15 via WeTransfer) Due 2/11/12 38. Utterance TextGrids for ID2 CI4394 6m MIB and 12m MB&MIB; ID2 CI 4577 pre MB&MIB and 3m MB (EBC-NIH) Due: 2-17-12

38. Utterance textgrids for the following files: (EBC-NIH; Due 2/20/12)

  • ID2 CI 3296 3m&6m MB/MIB
  • ID2 CI 4577 3m MIB and 6m MB
  • ID2 CI 4791 pre MB&MIB

39. Utterance textgrids for 4852 pre MB&MIB (NIH-EBC) Due: Friday, March 23

40. Utterance textgrids for CI4852 3m MB&MIB (EBC-NIH) Due: 3-26-2012

Skill Sets

  • Reference manager
  • Blank RaP Textgrid creation
  • Consensus boundaries, pitch, prominence and accent labeling for RaP Textgrids
  • Running experiments
  • Perceptual isochrany data entry
  • VC textgrid creation

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