Christine's info

Year: Senior

Major: Linguistics

Email: thaincac at gmail dot com

Phone: (734) 255-4338

Hometown: Ann Arbor

Linguistic interests: semantics, phonetics & phonology, conlanging

Languages studied and/or dabbled in: Spanish, Latin, Arabic, Mandarin Chinese, Ancient Greek, Welsh, Elvish (Sindarin)

Hogwarts House: Ravenhuffleclawpuff

Favorite phoneme: voiced pharyngeal fricative

Grants Allocated and Hours

  1. Volunteer: 15 hours/week

Current Assignments

  1. CI 4394 3m, 6m, 12m MB and MIB

Recently Completed Assignments

  1. RaP labeling ID2 CI 3259 18m MB and MIB
  2. RaP labeling ID2 CI 3098 12m MB and MIB
  3. References assignment
  4. Corrected textgrid labeling for ID2 NH 3990 pre MB
  5. RaP labeling for ID2 NH 4599 pre MB&MIB
  6. RaP labeling for ID2 NH 4712 pre MB&MIB
  7. RaP labeling for ID2 NH 3990 pre MIB
  8. RaP labeling for ID2 NH 4668 3m MIB--textgrid has been corrected
  9. RaP labeling for ID2 3990 pre MB
  10. RaP labeling for ID2 3973 3m MB&MIB
  11. RaP labeling for ID2 NH 4668 3m MB
  12. RaP labeling for ID2 NH 4625 6m MB&MIB

Skill Sets

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