Chris's Info

Undergraduate—Linguistics and Psychology, Specialization in Cognitive Science

CCH pi picture 2011-03-31

Me, looking literate.

Myers-Briggs Classification: ESTJ (heavy on the J, light on the S)

Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw

Phone: 763 228 9244


  • heffner3 @at@ msu .dot. edu
  • xanana.chomsky @at@ gmail .dot. com


  • NSF: PDx, IPx, LASR, and various other distal prosody projects
  • NSF: Perceptual Isochrony
  • NIH2: Phase 2
  • NIH: IDS2

Grants Allocated and Hours

Fall 2011: 12 hrs/wk, 7 NSF, 2 NIH, 2 NIH2, 1 volunteer.

Current Assignments

High Priority

Low Priority

  1. Pitch Correction (LW-NIH):
  • ID2 CI 3275 3m MIB

Recently Completed Assignments

Pitch Correction

  1. ID2 CI 3275 3m MB
  2. ID2 CI 3296 3m MB/MIB
  3. ID2 CI 3296 6m MB/MIB

Skill Sets

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